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Daniel Robinson, of Hairspray , joins, MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING [27 Jul 2010|05:49pm]

My Big Gay Italian Wedding
St. Luke's Theatre-308 West 46th Street

"AN AB-WORKOUT LAUGH RIOT!"- Out Magazine        "FEEL-GOOD HYSTERICAL COMEDY!"-Wall Street Journal        
                     "UNDENIABLY FUNNY!"-Q News   

Andrew and Anthony are getting married and everyone wants to "help"! My Big Gay Italian Wedding spins into hysterical fiasco as everyone tries to have their way. From a saboteur ex-boyfriend to a loud, opinionated, outspoken Italian mother, personalities and culture collide in a music and dance-filled extravaganza. RSVP now for My Big Gay Italian Wedding.
For more information visit: 

S P E C I A L             D I S C O U N T           I N F O R M A T I O N 

Use code: BGHHC39 for $39.50 Tickets on Thursdays!
Use code: BGHHC49 for $49.50 Tickets on Fridays and Saturdays!

Use code: BGBOYZ32 for Boy's Night @ MBGIW! This $32.00 ticket includes a 1 hour open bar at The Ritz! FRIDAY JULY 23rd ONLY!

Use the codes when ordering tickets at BroadwayOffers.com or call (212) 947-8844

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New Hairspray 2 LJ Community [13 Jul 2009|09:23am]

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Attention all Hairspray fans:

A few of us decided to make a Hairspray 2 LJ Community which has all related news since the story broke of the possible sequel, casting, related issues and fandom. I hope you all join the fun :)




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Project MTV - Best Kiss presentation (Zac & Nikki ) [08 May 2008|04:24pm]

Project MTV - Best Kiss presentation (Zac & Nikki )

Project MTV: A few of us on the Zac &Nikki thread on FanForum.com have been working on a way to catch the attention of MTV. So since they snubbed Zac and Nikki for not nominating them for “Best Kiss” we came up with a grass roots campaign.

We actually started working on this project before the nominations came out but now we are switching it up. So since its going to be hard to get Zac & Nikki added as nominees for “Best Kiss” we are hoping to catch MTV’s attention and get them to have Zac and Nikki present the “Best Kiss” award together. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they starred as an on-screen couple and are both nominated for Breakout Star.

So how are we going to do this? There is our online campaign and our mail-in campaign:Both are VERY important:

First off Kay made an AMAZING video which is here: (please leave a comment for her on her YT page, rate it, and make it your favorite!)

We first are going to contact/comment all the MTV emails/Blogs we could find which are here:

tips@mtvmoviesblog.com(this is a good one)

http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/artic...06/story.jhtml (Please sign up at MTV and leave a comment)

Also Bev made a myspace page for the cause:

Make sure you friend and join the myspace page if you are on myspace!*Once she friends you back please comment on the page too*

Also we will be sending messages to Zikki fans on FF,YT, Facebook, Myspace, LJ and some other forums. So the point is to comment everywhere with Jen’s email below and post Kay’s video to every comment made. Nonna, Sher, & I are working on some other contacts as well.

So to go along with the video Jen made this amazingly written email.(Send this email to every email address given above, and post on every blog given. As many times as possible. Try to get other people you know to email, too. This is not a time for bashfulness! )If we want this to happen, we have to try. And not just sort of try. We have to give it everything we've got, and then some! Each of us should send this to every address as many times as possible, and make it a goal to get at least 5 other people to send it in, too!!!!!

Here is the email Jen wrote:


The winner of the Best Kiss of 2007… Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky of Hairspray!

Oh. Right. That won’t happen. The best kiss of the year didn’t get nominated! The fans of Zac and Nikki would like to show you the kiss that SHOULD have won this year!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1UUC8ejbGw- the REAL Best Movie Kiss of 2007 (Zac & Nikki)

The finale kiss of Hairspray is sweet, sexy, and the perfect ending to one of the best and most popular summer movies of 2007. It really should have been nominated for an MTV movie award! The fans are asking for it to be added in as a late entry in the category of Best Kiss.

Zac and Nikki have undeniable chemistry, friendship, and tons of fun together! They were the face of Hairspray around the world. If they aren’t nominated for Best Kiss, then the fans think they would be the perfect pair to present the award! They are both nominated for Breakout Star, and popular and entertaining people. They would both be great additions to your show, and together, they would be a lot of fun to watch! Their kiss on Much Music's MOD program has received 3 and a half million hits! They kissed once on live TV; maybe they would do it again! Also, both Nikki and Zac have new projects and this would be a great opportunity for them to promote them.

We are asking that MTV add the Hairspray finale kiss to the nominations. If that is not possible, we are asking that Zac and Nikki present the Best Kiss award together.

Thank-you very much for your time!



Now for part two. This is more work but I definitely think it will get the message across:

So I’m not sure if anyone heard of the show Jericho but it was canceled last year and their fans got it renewed by mailing thousands of peanuts to the CBS studios. So we are going with this theme and will be sending these items:
1. Hershey kisses (“Best Kiss”), and if you also want to send Baby Ruth’s, and Hairspray cans
2. A letter of what Jen wrote with your name on it sent or your own personal letter trying to get across the same type of message.
3. Also attach a copy of Kay’s video on a DVD so they have another option of viewing the video. Even if you can’t do DVD, then put it as data CD and make a note to "play on the computer". Kay will be uploading a downloadable version for us as well.
Here are some links to download Kay's Video to send with your package:

I found the MTV address for NY and L.A. Please try to mail something to them. We don't know which address is the for the office organizing the show. If at all possible, please send something to BOTH addresses. If you can only send it to one I would go with the California address but we stress the need to mail a package to both. Sending it will really show your dedication and make a statement by doing this. And the more packages they receive, the greater the impact, and the greater the likelihood we will be taken seriously and our goal will be met. Even if you can’t mail something but you are bold enough, even try calling the phone numbers listed below.


2600 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica CA, 90404

Phone Number


1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036


We REALLY need to get a move on since we only have until June 1st. Everyone try to mail something by the end of the week! That means by FRIDAY MAY 10!!!!!But even if you can't mail something by Friday just do ASAP, and try priority mail. If you cant mail a package at least mail a letter, anything!!

Some other tips: Send emails with using multiple email addresses, make chain letters, get anyone you know who would be willing to do this on-board!!

If you can't mail anything, call the 2 contact numbers from both offices, like Jen said we can't be bashful now!

Post this post on your LJ's, add the links to your sigs on FF so more people will see it!

If we all work together we think we can really make a statement. Especially with Kay’s video, Jen’s letter, our passion and drive for the cause we can make it happen. But we have to work hard and fast starting NOW!!!!! We have to be TEAM ZIKKI!!!!! This is the time for working together, for sticking together, and trying our damnest to make something amazing happen! We have to do everything we can!

Also, don't forget to vote for the best Breakout Star Both Zac and Nikki are nominated in this category. http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2008/nominees.jhtml
Choose who you want to vote for, or vote for both. I'm sure that Zac will get a lot of votes, so Nikki really needs the support. Vote EVERYDAY, as many times as possible! You might have to vote for all the categories to vote for Breakout Actor! Get other people to vote! This is our chance to make an impact!!!!!!
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[30 Apr 2008|03:21pm]

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an audio copy of "I Can Wait" from the movie soundtrack, sung by Nikki Blonksy (Tracy Turnblad) while she's locked in Prudy Pingleton's cellar. If anyone can help me, I'd be so grateful!!!

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Hairspray 1988 Icons [12 Apr 2008|12:31am]

[221] Freaks and Geeks
[064] The Office (all Jim and Pam)
[078] Wonderfalls
[035] Sleepy Hollow
[015] Hairspray (1988)
[002] Jamie Campbell Bower (from Teen Vogue)
[001] Pushing Daisies


Freaks and Geeks here. All the rest, here.
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[19 Feb 2008|09:47am]


The original Broadway Tracy, Marissa Jaret Winokur is going to be one of the dancers on the new Dancing With The Stars that starts March 17th. She is one of the nicest kids in town!

And FYI, here's the full list:
Adam Carolla: TV and radio personality
Steve Guttenberg: Actor, star of Police Academy and Cocoon
Christian De la Fuente: Chilean actor who has appeared Ugly Betty and Psych.
Mario: R&B singer
Jason Taylor: Miami Dolphins defense end
Penn Jillette: From comedy/magician team Penn & Teller.

Shannon Elizabeth: Actress, star of American Pie
Marlee Matlin: Academy Award winning actress for Children Of A Lesser God
Marissa Jaret Winokur: Broadway actress Hairspray
Priscilla Presley: Star of The Naked Gun movies and former wife of Elvis Presley
Monica Seles: Retired ladies tennis star
Kristi Yamaguchi: Olympic Gold medal winning ice skater
The sixth season of Dancing With The Stars begins March 17th on ABC.

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Dates [15 Feb 2008|03:21pm]

I was wondering what the dates were for the original cast of Hairspray. Like...From when to when was it the original cast (at least, the one on the recording)? I hope I'm making sense.
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[08 Feb 2008|10:46am]

I got to see the touring production of Hairspray last night, which was totally wonderful, and I have a few questions. The second one anyone who's seen it on stage should be able to answer.

First off, was anyone else at the Arcata, CA stop? I can't remember who understudied for Seaweed, and would like to know.

Second, at the end of (You're) Timeless To Me, does Edna normally have a laughing fit? Because it looked like the actor couldn't help cracking up.

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Hairspray on Broadway [28 Jan 2008|10:44pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I got to see Hairspray on Broadway this past weekend :) I've written a mini-review of my experience, mainly of the cast.

Feel free to check it out OVER HERE. The Hairspray section is about halfway down the entry, before the pictures. If you'd like to read the rest, by all means!

There are about 45 large pictures under that link, so you'll need to let it load a little bit. Feel free to comment over there as well! Enjoy!


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End Credits [27 Jan 2008|02:30pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I think I saw a post with pictures/banners from the end credits? I searched through the old entries, but I couldn't find it, maybe I missed it. Ugh, does anyone know where this entry is? Or maybe I just thought I saw it somewhere.

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FanFic [24 Jan 2008|10:52am]

hello.  i think it's been awhile since anyone has posted to this community, but i've just recently written a "Hairspray" FanFic and would love some reviews on it.  it's a Tracy/Wilbur One-Shot (nothing gross, don't worry).  it would be very helpful and benifical to my furthur writings.  (ugh...how corny did that sound?)  so yeah...review!  Link:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4028109/1/Daddys_Little_Girl 
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[22 Dec 2007|11:45am]

[ mood | creative ]

79. Photobucket

Chipmunks can't talk... our lips are moving and words are coming out!Collapse )

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[21 Dec 2007|11:23am]

10 Hairspray
08 Across the Universe
06 Pushing Daisies
09 Emily Browning
04 Blake Lewis
03 My Chemical Romance

HERE @ demanding_love
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[10 Dec 2007|05:33pm]

hairspray x27
30 rock x8
mean girls x4
casino x15

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here at slutboxshine
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[06 Dec 2007|04:37pm]

052 Hairspray
024 A Christmas Story
022 Various people with santa hats (Zac Efron, Gaspard Ulliel, Leighton Meester, Gerard Butler, Blake Lewis)

HERE @ demanding_love
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Hairspray Icons [30 Nov 2007|09:15pm]

Bones (1-8)
Charlie Brown (9-17)
Enchanted (18-34)
Gossip Girl (35-42)
Hairspray (43-65)
House (66-77)
Pushing Daisies (78-112)
Wicked (113-125)


here at everyonelineup
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Icons! [29 Nov 2007|03:05am]

[ mood | amused ]

So, I made a whole bunch icons because I was bored and needed to procrastinate. These are mostly from "Good Morning Baltimore" with a bit of "Nicest Kids in Town" thrown in there. Enjoy!

74 icons total

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Why yes, this is a fake cut

x-posted to cornycollins and hairspray2007

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[28 Nov 2007|12:36am]

a portrait of nikki blonsky i drew.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

super crazy huge versionCollapse )

x-posted cause im majorly proud of it :-)
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[25 Nov 2007|10:57pm]


MORE @ roxie_peroxide
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Anyone? [25 Nov 2007|03:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

 Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any active Hairspray Role-playing games? I'm kinda bored and wanted to join one. I'm kind of in a Hairspray kick. So if anyone knows one.. I would appreciate it so much if you could tell me about it.


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